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Enrico Azzimonti

Design Projects


Semprelegno produces a new design project created by the Italian Designer and Architect Enrico Azzimonti: the trophy of the seventieth “Coppa Agostoni” edition. "Essence" was created using some of the materials that the company’s laboratory daily uses: antique Slavonian Oak veneer (tribute to the entrepreneurship that deeply characterized the City of Lissone) with a blue MDF heart (expression of the Semprelegno expertize and of the interpretative capacities of Cristina Reccagni and her coworkers).

The philosophy that inspired the creation of the trophy for the “Coppa Agostoni” 2016 as described by the Designer himself: “... Perfection ... is what you find in Lissone, on its streets, alleys and its rational center, in the artisan laboratories that have now become industrialized companies made of passion, design culture and craftsmanship. An alchemy ... as unique as rare … that gave "lifeblood" for the design of the Trofeo d’Autore, union between nature and artifice, between essence and technicality, interpreting in an iconic way the race and the moment of Victory ... when the wheels first cut the finish line “.

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Miranda Morico
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Legno al Cubo

Architect Miranda Morico designed Legno al Cubo especially for the Fuorisalone 2016 event in Milan. Versatility and customization are the core features of this beautiful design bookcase. In addition, the countless possibilities of composition make each bookcase unique. The structure is made of polished black iron.

The distance between shelves can be the desired one, but if one chooses to also place the "cubes" then it will be dictated by their height. The bookcase may be manufactured using different types of wood and colors for the modules.

The base of the structure and design of the modules allow to constantly change the composition of the bookcase but also to continue over time but its construction.

Lucidi e Pevere

Italian Design


Noci was designed as a night table, but it lends itself to be used in any other place of your home, such as at the front hall or next to a sofa in the living room.

The single surface consists of two wooden parts, supported by a solid black walnut three-legged structure. The first of the two parts gives a new twist to the classic night table drawer. In fact, the brass hinges allow you to lift the lid up and reveal a secret compartment designed to keep your small and precious personal objects. The lid reveals the core of the entire project: an unexpected top in precious material like white Carrara marble. The second part serves as a table where you can place accessories, such as table lamps, alarm clocks, or anything else you like to keep within easy reach.

Its linear design without any formal refinement enhances the details and the quality of the finishes and Italian-sourced materials.
Designed by Lucidi e Pevere for InternoItaliano and produced by Semprelegno, 2016.

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Daniela Puppa
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Luxury Design


Tower is the design project that reinterprets the theme of femininity, especially designed by Architect and Designer Daniela Puppa for the Fuorisalone 2016.

The artisans of Semprelegno manufactured the design artefact under the direct supervision of the company’s Creative Director Cristina Reccagni, using various types of precious wood such as American Walnut Wood, Zebrano and Natural Oak. Tower is composed by a series of trays hand-finished with linseed oil. The design item has been displayed during Milan Design Week (from April 12 to April 17, 2016) at the Fabbrica del Vapore (Palazzina Liberty).

Francesco Faccin

Design Projects

Allevamento Domestico (Breeding Insects)

Francesco Faccin's project is indeed a provocative one: breeding insects at home with a sophisticated and technological but familiar and intuitive “machine” to reconsider our way of being consumers and perhaps food producers by overcoming prejudices of a cultural nature.

The project was created for the annual Lissone Design Award - Special Expo 2015 Edition that celebrates the union between the excellence of the local craftsmanship and the wonderful promises of Italian design. The installation was initially set in the Sala Agora at the Triennale Museum in Milan (May 2015) and later transferred to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lissone.

The completion of the structure required particular attention on the part of the Semprelegno team under the direct supervision of Cristina Reccagni due to the unusual combination of dissimilar materials, such as Corian® and Plexiglas.

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Tania da Cruz
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Functional Art Project


Tania da Cruz's Lia is a support system that allows one to take advantage of the otherwise unused vertical spaces by introducing new possibilities for everyone to become food cultivators directly at home.

By delivering a product of great aesthetic value and yet easy to use, the aim is to bring people closer to the culture of "cultivating", educating them to reconsider their own relationship with food.

The installation is inherent to the Lissone Design Award 2015 project "The Selective Affinities" that celebrates the union between the excellence of the local artisanship and the promises of Italian design. The work was exhibited in May-June 2015 at the Triennale Museum in Milan and then was transferred to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lissone, the city that represents the heart of the Brianza Design District.


Celebrative Art

Story of a Fig

The table becomes a work of art through which the designers Zanellato and Bortotto aim to illustrate the changes and the most important moments in the history of food through a time line drawn on the table itself.

Captions that narrate the evolution of the feeding process are laser engraved directly onto the surface of the table while the iron illustrations bare a Cor-Ten finish, hand-made directly by Creative Director of Semprelegno, Cristina Reccagni.

The project will be presented in september, during the final phase of the event that bares the Lissone Design Award 2015 mark, at the Triennale Museum in Milan and will afterwards be exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lissone.

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Interior Design

Good Night! Good Morning!

Good Night! and Good Morning! are two floating bedside tables with a small drawer. Good Night!: within its small surface it holds safely in place a caraffe and its tumbler making a fresh glass of water always available in the middle of the night. Good Morning!: bedside table with a drawer and a fully pull out shelf providing extra space and a safe hold for a cup of coffee or even a small breakfast thanks to the three milled circles.

Dossofiorito is a multidisciplinary design studio founded in Verona in the autumn of 2012 by Livia Rossi and Gianluca Giabardo. It is located in an old car workshop, where Livia and Gianluca carry out their design experiments with a very hands-on approach.

Studio Ghigos

Design and Tradition


The Figure of a Mountain: a cheese cutting board, climbing in the culinary world.
An improvisation whereby the cheese knives are integrated and built in to the cheese board itself, generating an elevated sense of use. Each individual knife handle represents and simulates the high altitude glaciers; meanwhile the fragments of cheese located at the bottom of the mountain are the precious outcome from the products usage.

The Figure of a "Plain" Field: the cutting lines for gnocchi… from the peasant origin.
A relieved texture refers to the system used of ploughing the fields; its allegorical design refers to a plot of land and its different processes in which values are added to form its function. The base of the board is in fact used to mould and creates the surface of the gnocchi and pasta, giving it a customizable appearance.

The Figure of a Lake: the cutting for the primary ingredients that will never take away your smile.
In this third version of the cutting board, its design proposes a series of basins whereby you can soak the blade of the cutting utensil in order to chop the onions. In doing so, the tears caused by the onions ‘powers’ are cancelled out. Despite its simplicity, the cutting board’s design is optimistic as, metaphorically speaking; you are “stealing” its tears!

Ghigos Group was born in 1998. Mission of the group is to create a place for debate and confrontation, characterizing itself through the exchange of knowledge, competences, and information. Since his inception, Ghigos Group has explored new fields of research, pursuing the dissolution of the disciplinary borders like opportunities of critical reflection on project issues.

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Miranda Morico
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Interior Design


The project designed by Architect Miranda Morico is located inside a beautiful apartment in the center of Milan. The complexity of the structure took many days of planning: the library wall (with a matt lacquered finish and made of high-quality materials) is an installation of important measures with internal retractable sliding doors that divide the dining area from the living room.

The features distinguishing MyRandom is the complete absence of exposed metal joints exposed and the irregular pattern of the shelves, thus creating a pronounced dynamic movement.

The final project, harmonious and fluid, was published on the cover of the first edition 2015 of the Italian Cose di Casa magazine - what is more, an entire editorial was dedicated to this particular topic.

Alessandro Marelli

Design Project

Agostoni Cup Trophy

The trophy for the prestigious Agostoni Cup, an international cycling race (part of the UCI Europe Tour) for professional racers that winds through the streets of Brianza was designed by Architect Alessandro Marelli and manufactured by Semprelegno.

The firsy prize presents a solid base in Canaletto (American) walnut wood with a natural finish. At the top, three steel circles (polished chrome trim, brushed steel and gold leaf) remind the sprint of the bicycles on the quiet Brianza roads.

The official presentation of the 69th edition of the Agostoni Cup (and related prizes) will take place July 3, 2015 at the Royal Villa of Monza with a press conference in the presence of the Governor of Lombardy, Roberto Maroni.

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Cristina Reccagni
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Creative Art

Luxury Wood for Food

The project "A Place at the Table" promotes the union between design and craftsmanship develops for the entire duration of the EXPO 2015 Milan event.

Semprelegno takes part in the exhibition with the creation of the company's Creative Director Cristina Reccagni, Luxury Wood for Food being exposed in some of the most prestigious locations of Brianza: the Royal Villa of Monza, the Borromeo Palace of Cesano Maderno, Villa Brivio in Nova Milanese and Villa Tittoni in Desio.

In order to complete the work, a block of zebrano solid wood (inherited from our ancestors more than 30 years ago) was used. The artistic plate presents extended extremities, thus creating the illusion of wings in order to inspire the imagination of the visitor and inviting him or her to an encounter with the Brianza traditions. The elegant and luxurious case that contains the necessary cutlery is crafted with the same wood essence.

Cristina Reccagni

Design trophy

Author's Trophy

For 2018 as an Author Trophy, #SEMPRELEGNO presents "72nd". The work, already from the name, wants to celebrate with pride the 72th birthday of the very famous "Coppa Agostoni" cycling race that has given and continues a challenge to our city of Lissone a great sporting and cultural value.
The design of this designer Trophy is inspired by the pedal that is connected to pedaling and therefore to the crown, an essential element that allows the transmission of the force impressed by the cyclist's leg to the bicycle wheel.
"72nd" is a work of design symbol of the road traveled by the cyclist who is akin to the path of life, once uphill and once downhill, with all the difficulties you encounter of us meets that pushed by a goal you arrive at the finish line as winners as the cyclist who will come
awarded by our Trofeo d'Autore.
"72nd" is made of solid Canaletto Walnut and solid Ash, hand polished with straw oil.

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Omar Delfo Mascia e Simone Plebani
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EORA, the first SmartClock, is a design wall clock that does not just measure time: it narrates.

Designed as a painting, its frame in solid ash wood envelops a warm hearted cork which tells about the secular art of the decortication.

Inside Eora, two distant stories are blended together. Omar, designer, and Simone, artisan, are the two young minds who shared their talents in order to create an item made of time, but timeless.

Through them, two spirits cohabit in EORA: Sardinia, ancient land of contrasts, tradition and innovation; and Brianza, with its worldwide renowned artisanal expertise.

This way Kibelis gives life to the wood art of Semprelegno, with an ecofriendly wall clock able to talk and tell its story.

"Sometimes it's quite surprising how hard might be to realize your projects.

You have your idea, you have your design made with so much work and passion, and you think the hardest is done. But the truth is that to realize it, the most has yet to come. Especially if you're an innovative start up based in a (beautiful) island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

Cristina and Semprelegno have been the first ones to believe in us. From the beginning they showed interest and enthusiasm, always prone to offer technical suggestions and support for the optimization of the production.

Thanks to the combination of numeric control machines and the expert hands of Semprelegno's artisan Simone, we came up together with a product of superior quality, able to tell about the artisanal expertise of Brianza in the making of unique design artifacts.

Moreover, Cristina's kindness gave us the chance to exhibit our Kibelis Eora Wall Clock in the exclusive locations of Brera and Bovisa, at Fuorisalone 2019."

Gabriele Basei

Design Projects


MetalWood is a limited edition of skateboards , made by natural wood essences and metallic finishes such as brass, copper and stainless steel. All products perform the connection between traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge techniques: the skate’s world blends into Italian digital manufacturing, creating a collection of precious tools to discover a new outdoor lifestyle. Only for genuine metropolitan outsiders.

METALWOOD collection, curated by GABRIELE BASEI and produced by SEMPRELEGNO is looking for an innovative future, aware of our heritage: the handicraft that belongs to our Italian districts is enhanced by the unique pieces together with their precious materials. The result of the innovative fabrication process is a totally customizable products.

"Thanks to the expertise and the experience of Cristina and Semprelegno Team, a fruitful synergy was born. The result is the creation of an unconventional product between tradition and innovation."

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